Friday, June 17, 2011

Trying to Be Good with Bad People

They really aren't bad.  And they aren't out to sabotage me.  I know that but sometimes it feels that way.  I had just declared I was going to be perfect on my diet for the next two weeks to try to break out of this plateau.  And then what happens?  My boss calls an unplanned meeting and tells me to order lunch.  He picked the restaurant and the menu so I was left with no healthy options.  And since it was during lunch I wouldn't get a chance to eat otherwise.  I can either get discouraged and give up or I can try to gain back some of those calories by exercising this week.  I have to keep in mind that it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound and I didn't eat that much.  I did track my calories so that I know what damage I did and what I need to burn to gain it back.  I never would have done that a couple of years ago so I've made progress.

There are some really good calorie websites out there to help you stay on track. was where I checked my damage.  963 calories for a gyro and french fries. also has some good options.  I usually try to go the restaurant's website if they have the nutritional value listed.  If not, I try to find something comparable so I have an idea. is another good place to go.  So even if you can't find out the exact number, you can get pretty close.  There's no excuse for me not to keep going.  Now to figure out how to burn those calories...

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